When You Switch, Go for Fios

The first thing that I did when looking for a new internet service provider was check for verizon fios internet coverage. I needed to know if this was even an option for me, and luckily it was. It was available to me in my area and it seems like they cover most of the United States, but it’s hard to know for certain as I don’t live everywhere. Anyways after hearing rave reviews about the service online and that if available you should always take it, I decided to give it a go. I was of course a bit skeptical at first because really, how could you make the internet even better. So I found a provider near me and I went to work on what could only be described as a trial run. What I found out shocked both me and everyone that was working on this little adventure with me.

Verizon Fios was not only faster than my older internet, but it was also cheaper and much more reliable. Now what I mean by this is that before I would have outages sometimes. At random intervals there would be a sort of stutter that would cause me to micro disconnect from whatever server I was trying to connect to. This onlly happened ocassionally and it was nothing to really complain about so I didn’t. Fast forward a few months and it was getting worse and worse, which is why I inevitably decided to try out osmething new and I am very thankful that I did. Those stutters in my service are gone, I get twenty four seven coverage at a slightly cheaper price than I was getting before. There was literally not a single downside to this switch for me. Because of this I suggest Verizon Fios to everyone that is looking to make a switch.

Fast Invoicing Means Getting Paid Faster

I found a really nice place online to do invoices. The website makes it easy to use an invoice template for sales. I just enter in the information and then select to email it to the client. It makes billing for my online services very easy. Plus, I add a pay link right in the invoice. The client needs to only click on the link to be taken to the pay service I use. It is quick and easy, and that encourages fast payment. I rarely have to notify a client they have not paid me yet.

I send out invoices as soon as the work is done. It only takes a few clicks, and my invoices are on their way. (more…)

Compatible Toner Catridges, Recycled Catridges and OEM – Which is the Best?

Toner cartridge is the component of a printer that stores and transfers ink to the paper when printing. The toner ink is made of carbon, coloring agents and powder contained within a plastic casing. The cartridge is a consumable component and usually constitutes the highest costs of running the printer. Most businesses order cartridges frequently to replace used ones and this can be quite a significant cost to many small and medium sized businesses.

There are different alternatives available for printer cartridge to help in keeping the costs lower. One of these alternatives is using compatible toner.

Compatible Toner Cartridge

Manufactures of printers also manufacture and supply toner cartridges for replacing used up ones. These cartridges are referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) toners. However, there are also other suppliers who are not the printer manufacturers but manufacture toners compatible with various printers. These types of cartridges are referred to as generic, compatible or alternatives. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using compatible toners as compared to their OEM counterparts. d5460

Advantages of Compatible Option

The main advantage of using compatibles is that they cost lower than the OEM. Since the cartridge cost is a recurring cost, the multiplier effect of saving a small amount every time you buy toner can translate to huge savings. This is especially the case for businesses that print a lot and spend much on replacing the toners.

Compatible toners, when bought from the right place, can come with a better warranty then their counterpart OEM. Cannon for instance generally gives a 60 day guarantee on cannon toners, whereas compatible manufacturers may give a year or lifetime warranty.

It is also argued that compatible toners are more environmentally friendly as compared to OEM especially when it comes to disposal. This is mainly because the OEM options are manufactured from high quality and tougher materials that may translate to being less decomposable. On the other hand, the cheaper materials used to manufacture the generics will tend to decompose faster thus more friendly to the environment.

Disadvantages of Generic Toners

One of the major demerits of alternative brand toners is that many tend to be of a lower quality. Since keeping costs low is important to remain competitive, some of the compatible toner manufacturers may compromise a lot on quality and this may even lead to the damage of the printer. You therefore need to carefully select your compatible toner supplier to ensure that their quality is at least good enough to keep your printer in good condition.

The generic options may also come with less ink and therefore last for a shorter time as compared to the OEM option. You therefore need to check the details of the compatible cartridge to ensure that the product is real value – all factors taken into consideration.

Value Supplier Contracts

Given the high risks associated with the compatible cartridges, it may be advisable to consider other options of keeping your toner costs low. One way is to seek out suppliers with value add contracts. For example, as opposed to paying for disposal of used cartridges or even disposing used toners for free, some suppliers will pay you to collect the used up OEM toners. This is because such used up toners are usually recycled. This can work towards reducing your overall cost of toners.

Recycled Toner

Another alternative to keeping your costs low is purchasing recycled cartridges. The toner re-cycling manufacturers will replace the ink components in the toner and repair any damaged parts and then offer the recycled pieces for sale. These recycled toners cost much lower than the OEM options and will normally cost lower than the generics. In fact, the cost of the recycled toner will normally be 30% to 60% lower than OEMs. Besides the lower costs, the recycled toners are also more eco-friendly as they recycle used cartridges that would have otherwise been disposed. A cartridge can be recycled up to 4 times and therefore saving much on the environmental impact of the waste.

Consideration for Recycled Option

However, just as in the case of the compatible cartridges, the recycled options also depend on the manufacturer recycling them and if the manufacturer does a poor job, the recycled toners will be of a low quality and potentially damage your printer. You therefore need to identify a quality recycling company to provide you with the best value for your printer’s running costs.